About Richard Kaufman

Experienced Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Agent In Cambridge ON
  • I am Committed to Excellence, Honesty, Integrity.
  • I offer in-home and after hours appointments, so you don't have to miss work or other important parts of your life.
  • Why work with me to arrange your Mortgage?
    • Knowledge & Experience
    • I do all the legwork for you, to find the best rates and features of a mortgage to help you achieve your financial goals!
    • Many people are only concerned about the interest rate they are going to pay. Don’t get me wrong, the interest rate is very important! However, when you work with me, I ensure that the mortgage features such as the prepayment privileges and penalty causes align with your life plans and financial goals.
    • I’m on your Team, sitting on your side of the desk, I support you, answer your questions and make sure you are fully informed regarding every aspect of the mortgage, before you sign.
    • In short, I save your time and money!


Richard Kaufman is a Mortgage Agent servicing Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Woodstock and Guelph areas helping you find the mortgage that best aligns with your life and financial goals.