Mortgage Renewals

Is It Time to Renew Your Mortgage?
Here are few things you should know!

Your current lender will send you a renewal package (a minimum of 21 days before the end of the existing term, however usually much earlier). This is their offer to renew your Mortgage. Follow Us at Mortgage Agent Kitchener

Renewing your Mortgage?
Here's why you should pick up the phone

You are under NO obligation to sign the renewal offer from your current lender!
You are Free to Contact me, and I will ensure you are getting the best possible rate and mortgage features (Pre-payment Privileges, Portability, etc) to meet your financial goals relating to your mortgage.

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As Your Licensed Mortgage Professional I will make sure:

You continue to benefit from the most competitive rates available.
The features of your mortgage are the ones you can count on.
The transition of your mortgage is quick and easy from your current lender to a Lender offering you the best rates and features!
It might be the time to consider tapping into some of the equity in your home for that renovation project, to purchase a vacation or investment property or consolidate high interest debt. Let’s talk about your options and opportunities!

For more information on mortgage renewing, Contact Richard Kaufman, your Mortgage Broker.

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